Monday, June 29, 2009

the scary H1N1 flu

The h1n1 flu has been newly updated and there are over 500 cases. The h1n1 flu is very contages and is spreading rapidly, however, it is not very fatal and few have died from it, the school is doing its best to prevent it.

activities during the school holidays

I had many camps during the school holidays like a three day camp from church I had alot of fun with my friends from church. I also went for another three day camp organised by my tuition centre, during the camp, we went for activities like longkang fishing and uncle ringo carnival, in the uncle ringo carnival, we had activities like rolling in a ball like a hamster, accept that it is floating on water.

house chores

At home my sister and I help with the house chores so that my mum will not be too tired. I do light chores like mopping the floors or throwing rubbish, while my sister does the more heavy duties like vacuming the beds and washing the toilet.


sometimes teachers affect my grades, depending on if I like them or not. If I like the teacher alot then I will do very well, if I do not like the teacher then I will do badly, but if the teacher is OK then my grades will be OK.

my favourite sport

I like badminton alot because it is interactive, I like swimming too because it is relaxing for the body. I am going for gymnastic classes because I am not flexible, it feels very good to stretch.

computer games

Not very fond of computer games, get real bored after a while normally I would replace computer games with either work or TV. Hee hee I watch alot of TV sometimes, but normally work replaces.

my favourite food

I love the local fried prawn noodles, but i do not eat with lime, cannot be bothered. I like fried and non-fried carrot cake, they are both very rich in taste. Extravagant!

my holidays

I did not enjoy my holidays that much because most of the time I was doing work. The worst part was that I missed my friends alot! I had to translate the whole MT text book into english! I almost finished the p6 math syllabus and finished the whole p5 science syllabus, my mum and I bought many p6 english assesment books. On the last day of the holidays, I went to watch a hip hop dance performance and it was really cool!

Sunday, June 28, 2009

world hunger

Many people around the world are starving, how do we help? We should not waste food, people that are poor and starving and they are happy and grateful for the little bit of leftovers we leave. A child dies every 5 seconds and 25000 people die every day, from hunger. So we should do our best to help and stop wasting food!